If you are an international student studying in Australia, it could be quite an adventure. There are so many new things to explore, and so many new sights to discover. It will really be a great experience for you.

As in any country, studying and eventually getting a job after graduation can be challenging as you’ll be up against so many competitors. To gain an edge in this cutthroat world, students are being advised to get an internship in the field that they are studying while they are still in university. Whether paid or unpaid, getting an internship provides you with that much needed real world experience in the career that you want to pursue. However, if you are an international student studying in Australia, it can be quite difficult getting an internship. If you are really dead-set on getting this type of work experience, here are some tips for you.

1. Forget that you are an overseas student. Throw all your preconceived notions out the window, and be confident enough to apply for internships in any company that you prefer. If you limit yourself by thinking that companies won’t hire you because you are an overseas student, then that cuts back your chances a lot.

2. Pick a company that you are interested in working for. Many major companies in Australia also offer internship programs to students. Make sure that you are interested in working with a company, and not just for an internship stint. Companies will want to see that ambition and dedication in you. They do not want to see an intern who is just using their company as a stepping-stone to work somewhere else. You can also find online resources dedicated to help students who are interested in getting an internship position. These resources will help narrow down your search and get you started on your internship hunt.

3. Once you have created a list of companies and internship programs that appeal to you, create a résumé that will blow their minds. Your résumé has to make you stand out. Highlight your strengths and your achievements. You can also tailor fit each résumé based on what the company is looking for, or what position or department you are applying for. Of course, it goes without saying that your résumé should be truthful. Never ever pad your résumé, as it will only embarrass you if the truth comes out.

4. When you apply for internship in any of the companies that you have chosen, remember to just be yourself. It may sound like a cliché, but experienced recruiters will see you for what you are during your interview, and it is best to appear genuine at all times. That is what they are looking for – genuine interest and dedication for their company. Since you are still young, don’t be afraid to show how passionate you are about work. This will definitely delight them, and they will appreciate your efforts. Who knows, at the end of your internship, they might even hire you as a full-time employee. Wouldn’t that be great?

Andrea Palacios

Andrea Palacios

Andrea Palacios arrived in Australia from Colombia in 2001 as an international student. She studied Diploma of Business Marketing before going on to study Bachelor of Business at Swinburne University followed by a graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law at Victoria University. Following the completion of her studies, Andrea went on to start her own company in early 2006 – Blue Studies International, a student recruitment agency assisting students that want to live, study, work in Australia, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand.