Great Ocean Road

Why must you visit The Great Ocean Road?

Reasons to make the trip along to The Great Ocean Road are plenty. However, we want to give you the unexpected reasons to motivate to you to live this unrivaled experience.

We are not talking about the amazing views, the majestic ocean or the perfect combination between the beautiful colors of the sea, sky and vegetation; we are talking about the history, wildlife and kilometers of adventures and fun.

  • The Great Ocean Road is the world’s largest war memorial, dedicated to soldiers killed during World War I. Returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932 built it.
  • Behind one of the most famous roads of the world and one of the most representative places to visit in Victoria, The Great Ocean Road hides one of the saddest Australian episodes: its participation in The Great War.
  • The incredible story about Tom and Eva, the only two survivors of the ship’s tragedy: Loch Ard. This place has served as a setting for films and television series. Loch Ard Gorge, known such as Tom and Eva as well, is also one of the witnesses of the strength of the erosion caused by the waves.
  • The typical Australian wildlife. Do not be surprised if on the road you can see wallabies, kangaroos or koalas. The Great Ocean Road is not only fantastic for the ocean views, the interaction with Australian wildlife is one of the activities that is more exciting during this trip.
  • The grandeur of the twelve Apostles. Currently, there are eight Apostles, the rocks are product of the erosion caused for the wind and waves. It is a mythical place, where the nature’s force shows its beauty and wins loud to the human presence.
  • If you are lucky, you can be a witness of the whale’s trip. Especially during winter months, whales are often sighted along the Great Ocean Road. It is part of the migration when mothers have given birth to calves.

Do not miss your chance to visit this place. The Great Ocean Road is a small sample of what Melbourne and Victoria offers to locals and tourists. Start right now to discover them and to enjoy them!

Sindy Moreno

Sindy Moreno

Success Development Manager at Blue Studies International
Sindy is a Colombian living in Melbourne since 2012. She loves helping people, it gives her great satisfaction seeing people achieve their goals and allows her to experience new things that she wouldn't have otherwise experienced. She loves extreme stuff like skydiving and she loves learning new things like marketing, business and personal development! She studied Economics in Colombia and a Graduate Certificate of Management in Australia. She works at Blue Studies International as the Success Development Manager tracking student's success and celebrating that they achieve their milestones.
Sindy Moreno
Sindy Moreno