Blue Studies International, now celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary, was started in 2006 by Director Andrea Palacios, a Colombian national who moved to Melbourne Australia to study English and get access to more opportunities.

In these 10 years BSI have:

  • Placed more than 5,000 students in courses – helping them to further their careers
  • Helped 5,000 students get visas – so they can live and study in more than 8 countries
  • Partnered with more than 300 education institutions – to provide the best choice for international students
  • Grown to 10 offices in 5 countries – with more than 23 members in the group

All this while still providing its customers with the highest levels of care, one-on-one attention and service.


Why Is Blue Studies International Different?

Caring is in our DNA.

The best companies start from humble beginnings – and the story of Blue Studies International is no different.

Unlike other “pop-up” institutions, BSI was started by someone who understands the needs of international students – before, during and after their trip.

When Andrea Palacios moved to Australia, she had to do everything herself from selecting the right course, applying for a visa, organising accommodation, meeting people and learning about the countries customs.

And while Andrea was diligent and successful, she consistently saw other students failing to achieve their goals and dreams because of mis-informed decisions before or after they arrived.

These were students that were smart, savvy and intelligent – only missing the mark because they didn’t have the support they needed to thrive.

It was this that prompted Andrea to start working with international students, able to give them insights and advice that meant they could flourish in their new country.

Starting initially with friends, and fellow students – it quickly grew to a full time job, and have over the last 10 years expanded to include 10 offices in 5 countries – helping more than 5,000 students.

All while maintaining the same level of care, and world-class service.

In short, caring about students personal and professional development is built into the DNA of BSI.


How Can BSI Help You?

BSI offers a number of services to help you live, study and settle in your desired country – and can provide expert local advice to help make the process pain-free.

Specifically, if you are one of these people BSI can help:

  • You want to get a great education and study overseas temporarily
  • You want to improve your english skills
  • You want to move or settle in another country
  • You want to renew your visa

If you need help with one of these things, we encourage you to get in touch by giving BSI a call, visiting your local BSI office, or filling out the book a consultation page on our website.
Alternatively, if you would like to learn more – check out their series of helpful articles on the BSI blog that provide you advice completely free of charge.