The idea to start your career in Australia is a really interesting one. I definitely agree that to gain extras qualities for your résumé, to stand out and make yourself more employable in the Australian workforce you HAVE to apply for an internship. This way you will learn about the Australian working environment which is crucial for successful employment. However easy this may sound, when I first got started, I had many questions about the work culture and what the best attitude is to be successful in this country.

As a multicultural country, we, as international students should start to know and respect different cultures. Remember: respecting the difference is the first rule of good living.

To help students who are starting their internship or looking to start their internship in Australia and want to get the best out of their experience, I have selected 7 tips from people who have started a working life in Australia:

  1. One of the best tips that someone gave me when I arrived in Australia was: “English language is basic and does not require many words. It must to be concise”. I have to say that is totally true, answers should be specific and simple, which facilitates communication and interpretation of messages.
  2. A second tip was taken from one of my teachers: “moderate your tone of voice to communicate with your colleagues, bosses and customers”. It is very normal for some cultures to express their points of view in a high tone voice; however, it is offensive to other people. So, the best way to prevent misunderstandings is try to keep the voice in a middle tone.
  3. According to the guide Employability skills and workplace culture in Australia, written by Department of Education and Training of Western Australia, “the way Australians communicate in the workplace might seem a bit blunt, or even rude, but often it is not intended to be.” Australians are known in different countries to speak directly and use familiar expressions, that could be obscene to other cultures, but they do not want to be offensive, it is the result of a friendly work environment.
  4. Australians enjoy a friendly, happy, relaxed and chatty work climate. It does not mean that they are not hard workers; it is just an alternative to maintain a healthy, peaceful and stress free atmosphere.
  5. One of my friends, who is working in an accounting company, expressed that she is really lucky because in her work place people are so friendly. “I do not perceive  any risk of losing my job if I am wrong. Actually, I have the support of my colleagues and boss”. According to people who I consulted to write this blog, they describe their work place environment as loyal between colleagues.
  6. One of the advantages that my friends highlighted about working in Australia is the flexibility in scheduling. For Australians it is very important have a balance between their working and private life, for that reason they do not feel afraid when asking for a day off or leaving the workplace early when necessary. However, my friends admit to being committed to do a better job, because they are receiving trust and understanding from employers.
  7. Maybe I should have started with this point, but anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislations are present in every country. In Australia it is perceived as a really important issue and if someone breaks the rules, they could be severely punished.

These findings cannot replace a personal experience. It is not only about work, it is constructing a life with endless knowledge of different countries, cultures and communities. So many options to learn, understand and apply to your life.

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Angélica Benjumea
Angélica Benjumea is a Social Communicator and Journalist, specializing in Organizations, Social Responsibility and Development. During her professional experience she has worked in PR, Journalism and as a Communication and Social Responsibility Consultant. Angélica arrived to Australia in 2012, during this time she has studied English, Certificate of Business and Diploma of Management. "I have opened my eyes and my mind to a beautiful new Australian way of life and I love exploring the different cultures and it feels amazing to be here!" “A diverse and everchanging world captives me in the process of continuing to grow as a professional. In my years of experience as a journalist and consultant in social responsibility and communications I have not stopped learning as I continue to wonder about the endless amount of possibilities that I still don't know”.