On Monday 17th August, Blue Studies International held an info session with Russ Teimourian from Navitas for members in our community that want to find a professional job in their field.

Russ’s background is an accountant at Ernst and Young in London, followed by working at Morgan Stanley in London also. Russ moved to Australia and became a recruiter, working with graduates looking to find their first jobs in Sydney, mainly in banking and finance. Russ now works at Navitas where he manages the Sydney office for the Careers and Internships division, providing the Professional Year course and Internships to graduates.

Most students arrive in Australia, and they use the same format for a CV from the country that they just came from. They also list the skills and work experience that is highly valued back in their home country. HOWEVER, the skills and work experience may not always be considered valuable in Australia. How can you write it in a format that Australians would value more so you can increase your chances of getting a job in your field?

Click below for the full recording of the info session:

To download presentation – click here.

To download CV template – click here.

We really hope you enjoy and benefit from this!

Our aim is to provide our community with strong resources and enable a powerful network so they can go on to achieve their personal and professional goals! We do this by aligning them with the right education pathway and we also provide numerous activities, resources such as language exchange – Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, webinars and info sessions like this one. If you would like to know how we can help you, please request a make it happen call now.

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Yolima Perez

Yolima Perez

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Yolima Perez
Yolima Perez
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