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We’ve put together this resource to help you find the cheapest flights!

Adioso – The best flights to anywhere in one search!

Skyscanner – compares millions of flights to find you the cheapest deals, fast. We also find the cheapest hotels and car hire.

Webjet – Flight comparison site.

Despegar – Latin American flight comparison site. – Cheap flight deals. – Search hundreds of flights at once.

Hopper – Hopper tells you when to fly and buy and scores you the lowest fares. If you want to understand how it works, click here for the explanation.

Farecompare – A flight comparison website. They have a fare alert feature – Farecompare Fare Alerts let you know the instant prices change for your favorite trips, and signing up is easy and free!

Flight Fox – Flightfox is a marketplace of flight experts who find you the best flights, guaranteed!

FlightFox deters a lot of people by asking for the upfront fee, but it is definitely worth it. Not to mention that if they don’t save you more than that fee, you don’t pay it.

How it works:
You pay the fee, then enter the details of your flight (e.g. I want to fly from Melbourne to South America between February 1st and 5th, and I want to fly back to Melbourne from South America sometime near the end of the month). A few hours later, an agent contacts you via online chatroom and goes over some options with you. You confirm if you want to proceed with their option, they link you to a ticket sales site, and you buy the tickets. Boom.

FlightFox’s strength lies in its use of actual travel agents pulling strings and doing all sorts of neat cheats and tricks to get you the cheapest flight. It is almost guaranteed to get you the lowest price, as long as you aren’t too fussed about where and when you’re going. Give it a try the next time you want an adventure.


If you can think of any more travel sites, please comment below and we will add them to this list.

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