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Let’s face it: most foreign students around the world are facing the many good and bad changes when they are going to study abroad. Traveling to a different country in your teens and settling there for at least three years represents a real eye opening experience. You get to live in another cultural environment and see the world differently from your hometown.

You meet interesting people with whom you share similar hobbies and interests, learn a new language at a native level, and you break away from your family protection and dive in the ferocious yet exciting world of self-managing.

However, quality education is expensive nowadays wherever you are in the world. Besides the tax fees, you also need to tend to your own personal needs plus enjoying the student experience to its fullness. This is why you probably came to the same decision as many other international students. It’s high time you found a job.

Being a student and a foreigner might get the job search a little more challenging than for others, but this doesn’t mean that it is a mission impossible.  So, let’s see how you can find work as a foreign student.

Build A Strong C.V.

Even though you are standing in front of your first working challenge, you shouldn’t postpone creating your C.V. The sooner you finish the resume that perfectly recommends you to your future employer, the better.

First and foremost, you should do a background check on the company you put your eyes on. Do a little research on the company, how and when it began, what set of ethical issues the company stands for, what achievements the company has enjoyed so far, what it is known for within the local community.

Creating the right picture of your ideal company will help you become familiar with the company and tell you if your application is a good or bad choice. Moreover, you will get in your employer’s shoes, and understand what exactly he is looking for in his future employee.  From here on, it should be easy for you to select only the skills that are of interest to him and leave the unnecessary parts aside. This will give your resume a precise goal and convince the employer that you are the right candidate for his position.

Lacking previous work experience may be daunting. However, you do have some valuable aces down your sleeve that you are maybe not aware of yet. These quality attributes are your soft skills that vary in number and intensity from person to person.

Anyone can learn how to use high difficulty level tools, but it is almost impossible to learn soft skills like leadership, teamwork, problem-solving or communication if you don’t have already a foundation for them that people are born with. So highlight your soft skills as much as possible and these should be enough to cover the lack of previous work experience for any entry-level job.

Another point you should accentuate in your C.V. is the advantage of having a different cultural background.  Besides the fact that team diversity is encouraged due to its boost of problem-solving as you can access many different perspectives to find solutions, a strong knowledge about a different culture will get you far. You have strong knowledge of your employer’s language and master a different language, you are culturally aware of two countries at the same time, two different approaches involved in conducting business, and even you can bring your overseas network as an advantage. All these can enable a company to expand their export potential on their international customers by creating the right impact through you.

So, write your international C.V. in short sentences that promote any kind of skills and experience that your future employer might be interested in.

It is recommended to not have a high salary expectation for your first workplace. However, you can earn a salary raise if you prove that you are committed to your job, and you show an amazing work progress.

Work Online

A strong Internet connection is all you need to break the barrier of space forced in your job search. There are many websites that work as a mediator between you and your employer with many useful tools both for you and your employer. This way, you can eliminate the side effects of the cultural barrier you were given as an international student, stop wasting time with commuting to your work office, and benefit from the many advantages that the online workforce has in store for you. and are two such platforms that connect you to jobs without even leaving your room. All you have to do is create a profile as a freelancer where you have to describe thoroughly your skills and what kinds of gigs you can take, and that’s it. You can wait for the employer to contact you, or adopt a proactive mindset and search for gigs that are suitable for you and apply to them.

You can apply as a virtual assistant which all that requires most of the times are good organizational skills and such gigs can bring you even $30/hour. Another generous job is as an online call center agent that can land you $15/hour plus incentives on higher sales.

Moreover, it is good to know that there are people out there that can’t afford an expensive University tuition fee, but they can and are willing to pay for an online tutor to teach them a particular subject. Websites like,, are always looking for serious online tutors with a solid body of knowledge. Once you get accepted, they will bring customers to your digital door and start teaching them your online courses.

However, if you are not so much into teaching as you would rather avoid the 2-way communication an online course implies, you can just as easily record your lesson and publish it online. It’s a one-time action that can bring you many customers and even a monthly revenue source.,, or are some online platforms where you can upload your video and customers will be able to learn your lesson in exchange for a fee.

All in all, the financial aspect shouldn’t keep you away from a quality educational system as there are many money sources out there that you can take advantage of.  Enjoy your life as a student and don’t let money stand in the way of your future!

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Sindy Moreno

Sindy Moreno

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Sindy Moreno
Sindy Moreno