The Power Of Our Mind 

By: Melanie Amaya


The mind is so powerful, we could have our mind working as our best friend or as our worst enemy. When my students ask me what benefits they can get from coaching or from meditation, I can give them a wide variety of reasons. However, one of the main advantages is the development of their self-awareness: mindfulness. Until we are aware of our mind, we will always be on autopilot, reacting without consciousness and making it impossible to use our mind in our favor.


Most of the emotions that we experience are the result of our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. These emotions have a direct influence on the way we decide to act, and our actions define the results that we get. Therefore, if we want to achieve our goals it is important to choose ideas that help us feel a sense of empowerment and confidence.

Having gone through a long self-discovering journey of understanding my mind and treating it with love, I have realized that when I choose to have positive ideas about life and about myself, the result is that I believe in my own power to deal with situations successfully – I jump out of my comfort zone, and take actions that really allow me to achieve my goals. That is how I have been making my dreams come true.

It is also important to see the big picture for your life: think back to the victories that you have already won and the results that you want to achieve. If your mind is only focused on the aspects of your life that you want to change and you choose to only compare yourself to others; at some point you will be frustrated. This is a result of solely paying attention to the things that you do not have. Instead, if you choose to be aware of all the benefits or blessings that you have received in life, all the great results that you have accomplished so far, and all your strengths; you will see reality through the glasses of gratitude: Happiness is in the present moment, but we need the appropriate glasses to see it.

I encourage people to have a balance in their minds. On the one hand stay in the present moment and make the most of the gifts that you receive from life every day and be aware that gifts come in many different forms. And on the other hand have an active attitude, focus on your energy, thoughts and actions for the purpose of achieving your goals. If you learn how to enjoy the present, while you actively pursue your dreams, it will be possible to be present and enjoy your moment right now. And provided you give your best shot, the result will be what you may want most!


Andrea Palacios

Andrea Palacios

Andrea Palacios arrived in Australia from Colombia in 2001 as an international student. She studied Diploma of Business Marketing before going on to study Bachelor of Business at Swinburne University followed by a graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law at Victoria University. Following the completion of her studies, Andrea went on to start her own company in early 2006 – Blue Studies International, a student recruitment agency assisting students that want to live, study, work in Australia, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand.