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Terms & Conditions:

  • You may refer friends that are currently studying in Australia or you may refer friends that are interested in studying overseas.
  • A referral fee / bonus is provided upon the commencement of the student’s study program.
  • Blue Studies International specialises in servicing clients from certain countries. As different countries have different visa requirements and complexities in the process, Blue Studies International reserves the right to refer these prospects to other agencies that specialise in these markets. In this case, the referrer will not be eligible for the referral bonus.
  • The referral fee / bonus is denominated in Australian dollars.
  • The gift card may be redeemable for cash however an invoice with the relevant details will need to be provided to Blue Studies International.
  • Please do not contact our offices regarding your referral fee / bonus directly. Any questions, please email
  • The office that is responsible for the payment of the referral fee / bonus is the office that is responsible for processing the referred student.
  • The expected delivery times for referral fee / bonus is within 4 weeks after the referred student commences their study program. We will inform you via email when this happens.
Q: Can additional funds be added to my BSI gift card?
A: BSI Gift Cards cannot be re-loaded once value has been loaded, or the balance has been used.
Q: What should I do if my BSI gift card is lost, stolen or damaged?
A: Like all payment gift cards, the BSI gift card should be safeguarded, treated like cash. This card cannot be replaced if it is lost or stolen.
Q: Where & how can I use the card?
A: The BSI gift card can be used wherever Visa card is accepted, including online at over 24 million merchants worldwide. Whether you are purchasing high street fashion, electrical products, garden products, flowers, petrol (inside the service station), sports tickets, movie tickets, travel, furniture, jewellery, something for the kids or something special for yourself – you can see the options are endless – these cards definitely give you the freedom of choice!
Q: Does the card have an expiry date?
A: Yes, within 12 months. The expiry month is printed on the front of the card. Cards will expire at the end of the month shown. Once this date has been reached a cardholder will not be able to use the card and any remaining balance will be forfeited.
Q: Does the BSI gift card have any card fees?
A: If the BSI gift card has an available balance, a maintenance fee of AUD$2.50 will be deducted from the card balance from the 4th month until the expiry of the gift card. Other fees apply and can be found in the cardholder terms and conditions.
Q: What Happens if there are still funds on the card when it expires?
A: We cannot extend the expiry date of your card. Once the card is expired any remaining funds are forfeited and the card cannot be accessed.
Q: How can a cardholder check how much money is left on their Card?
A: All cardholders can check their card balance by either calling the IVR support line (charges apply) or visiting the BSI gift cardholder website found either on the back of the card or within the card pack (free of charge).
Q: How secure is the card?
A: Like all gift cards, the BSI gift card should be safeguarded and treated like cash. This card cannot be replaced if it is lost or stolen.
Q: What happens with the BSI gift card once it has been finished with?
A: When the cardholder has finished with the BSI gift card they can cut it in half and discard it. They do not need to mail the fully spent card back to us or advise us that you have done this. No additional fees will be charged to you. All fees only ever come off the balance on the card.