"Emilio & Giselle"

Emilio & Giselle went to Australia as international students and now they have a growing, successful business!

From: Mexico
Studied In: Melbourne, Australia

Course: Diploma At Melbourne Polytechnic

Emilio and Giselle arrived in Australia in 2011 as international students with the dream of changing their life to a very peaceful one and pursue a life where they will be doing what they love instead of doing what society dictates what they have to do. Their passion was always to start a business. Gisella started working in a restaurant in Australia and that’s when the idea of making Mexican salsas was born. Now they are running a very successful, fast-growing business in Australia! Their story is very inspirational as they started from as little as $300, now they are in more than 2,000 stores all over Australia, including the major supermarket chains. In 2014, they decided to apply for the TV show ‘Shark Tank’, a reality TV competition series, where aspiring entrepreneur-contestants pitch their business to a panel of investors. Basically, the contestants sell their ideas to five self-made millionaires – asking for investment in their businesses. Giselle and Emilio were successful in their pitch, obtaining an investment from John McGrath, CEO to one of Australia’s leading Real Estate brands.