"Jorge and Katherine"

Jorge and Katherine went to Australia, they made a life changing decision and now they are living their dream in the best city in the world!

From: Colombia
Studied In: Melbourne, Australia

Course: Bachelor of Nursing at Holmesglen

Jorge made a life-changing decision and went to Australia in 2010. He didn’t know anything about Australia and he didn’t speak the language. It was a big challenge, he was scared of the new world that he had just entered but after 5 years in Australia, he is very happy as he believes that Australia is the country where you can make you dreams come true. Jorge discovered his real talent and he is happy than ever working as a Nurse.

Katherine went to Australia back in 2009 in search of new opportunities and to pursue a new life. She says it has been the best 6 years of her life so far. Katherine worked and studied hard, but it was all worth it because now she is now living the dream in the best city in the world.