"Jorge Gomez"

Jorge was an English student that reach his goal of working in a company of his industry!

From: Colombia
Studied In: Melbourne, Australia

Course: English courses At Deakin University and Performance Education

Jorge went to Australia in 2015 to study English. His level of English was low to Intermediate but he was very determined to master English. His goal was to work in the branch of the company that he was working for back in Colombia (a bedding manufacturer). He studied hard and took advantage of every opportunity to practice and meet new people. His first job was as a kitchen hand. It was difficult but he embraced the moment and it was positive all the way until he got the dream job in the company he wanted to work for “Sealy”. Sealy is Australia’s number one bedding brand and the leader in innovation and quality. He has now returned to Colombia and is very happy with the once in a lifetime experience that he lived in Australia.

This is his message to other aspiring international students, “I have TWO WORDS to sum up my experience here: EMBRACE AND ENTHUSIASM. Even if YOU are in a tough circumstance you are able to work with positivity by embracing the moment. In my experience, I tried to train myself every day by learning new vocabulary. The second word is ENTHUSIASM, you have to show your smile to local people.” – Jorge Gomez