Why Should You Study Overseas?

Highest Quality Education

The quality of the education overseas is some of the highest in the world, giving you the skills you need to have a successful career in your chosen field.

Employment Opportunities

In a global economy such as we live in today, employers tend to prefer hiring staff with some experience at international level. They also prefer people with a command of English, they also consider important the ability to adapt to new circumstances and new environments; understanding and sensitivity to other cultures; and the ability to work together with people of other nationalities. This ensures creativity and innovation with a global orientation in the workplace.


Do you have a travel bug? Studying overseas is a great way to travel overseas and really experience the local culture - while picking up a valuable degree along the way.

What’s Involved In Studying Overseas?

Finding & Applying For Your Ideal Course

The first thing that you need to do is find the perfect course that matches your personal and professional goals and then apply.

Saving With Scholarships

Find out what scholarships are available, your eligibility and understand the requirements for application.

Study & Trip Budgets

It is important that you organise your budget before your travel so you can plan and ensure completion of your course.

Satisfying & Understanding Immigration Requirements

Each country has different visa requirements and these requirements change regularly. It is important to understand what the visa laws are, how the changes may affect you and what your requirements are to ensure you satisfy your immigration requirements.

Understanding Local Culture & How To Immerse

Understand how to open a bank account, understand the currency and exchange rates, buy a mobile sim card to talk with friends and family, public transport and how to get around, entertainment such as events, bars and clubs and how to network with locals so you can confidently and comfortably settle into your new environment.

Employment Opportunities

Some countries allow employment while others do not. It is very important for you to understand what your visa permissions are; local resume laws and requirements; your workplace rights; where to look for job opportunities and employment success to ensure you are happy in your job.

Where Can You Study Overseas?

What Types Of Courses Can You Study?

Get Access To Over 1,000 Courses From More Than 300 Of The Best Schools

With unique access to some of the best schools across Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Peru – we have the perfect course suited to your goals and career aspirations.

  • English & Language Courses
  • Undergraduate Courses
  • Preparation Programs
  • Post Undergraduate Courses
  • Diploma Courses
  • PhD Courses
  • Trade Courses
  • Summer Camps

Want to work rather than study?

  • Internships
  • AU Pair (combined with study)

International Study Scholarships Available for 2016

How Does The Free Consultation & Application Process Work?

Taking the first step when it comes to studying overseas can be the hardest of them all. That’s why we make it easy for you by offering a completely free consultation and quote.

At Blue Studies International we charge you absolutely nothing for our services, advice and consultations. It is all completely free.

Here’s how the process works:

Step 1 - Book a free in-person consultation with our friendly study overseas specialist - Make It Happen Advisor

This is an obligation free appointment that is at absolutely no cost. It is an exploration session to discuss you, your current situation, your personal goals, professional goals and budget with our Make It Happen Advisor.

Step 2 - Come into our office for your exploration session

You will sit down with our Make It Happen Advisor to discuss you, your current situation, your personal goals, professional goals and budget.

Step 3 - You sit back, look at your options and make the decision that is right for you

Once our Make It Happen Advisor has a deep understanding of your requirements, they will design the perfect education plan that is aligned with your personal and professional goals. You will have the opportunity to go away, read through the material we have provided, do additional research, discuss the information and quote with family, anything that enables you to make a confident decision. Understand that we are always there to answer your questions and ensure you comfortably and confidently reach a decision that you are very happy with.

Step 4 - When you choose to proceed, we organise everything for you at ZERO cost

Our Make It Happen Advisor is a specialist in ensuring all needs are met for the institution that you are enrolling for as well as understanding the visa requirements for your new country. We will work effectively to ensure all of these requirements are met so you are ready to begin your course in your new country.

Step 5 - Finalise your requirements in order for you to comfortably settle into your new environment

Will you need accommodation? Will you require additional insurance covers? Cheapest air fares? Events to help you immerse into your new culture and meet new friends? We will cover everything you need to know to settle confidently and comfortably in your new environment and understand how you can get involved in our Blue Studies International community in your new city.

Blue Studies International Has Helped More Than 5,000 People Study Overseas

Our Team In Our Australian Office

At Blue Studies International We Care About Helping You Become Successful

If you want the largest range of study options from a provider that really cares about you, your career and goals – then look no further than Blue Studies International.

With a proven track-record and over 5,000 happy customers – our team of friendly staff can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

How Are We Different From The Others?

  • Strong Partnerships with Leading Education providers – we work with over 1,000 Courses from more than 300 of the best schools across Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Peru to give you the best range of study options to support your career goals.
  • 10 Offices in 5 Countries – with a wealth of local experience to help you get your dream outcome from study
  • Australian Support Offices – so when you touch down to study you have somewhere to go to and get help, support and local advice
Book A FREE Consultation Now

Common Questions About Studying Overseas

Yes, we cover this as part of our process with you to ensure you confidently and comfortably settle into your new environment.

Depends on the country that you will be looking to study in. For this we would advise you to book in a consultation so we can give you accurate advice based on your situation.

There is no age limit as long as there is a genuine intent to study.

We do our very best to ensure we help you confidently and comfortably settle into your new environment. This includes providing all the necessary knowledge that is based on our experience with past students as well as provide a number of events to help you meet new friends.

Every institution has their own refund policy. In most cases, if you have commenced your course, refunds won’t be available.

If you are applying from overseas, we recommend applying 6 months before you intend to start your course.

You are not required to speak English at all.

Each country has their own rules and requirements for health insurance. Generally, we have to apply for a cover through an approved provider that protects you for accidents and also for general use of a medical doctor.

Typically, to apply for a visa the most important prerequisites are:

  • Have financial support to cover expenses during your stay and you need a sponsor to support you financially.
  • Medical examinations which are required by the Immigration Department.
  • Be enrolled in an institution in the country of choice.
  • Send the application following certain guidelines required by the Immigration Department.

We will provide full assistance throughout this process.

The processing of the visa depends on how quickly you gather the required documents. Once the documents are sent, the embassy may take 1 to 2 months, depending on the country.

This depends on the country of destination since the restrictions for a second application vary according to the laws of each country.

The process is very simple, and it’s one of the first things we must do to begin the visa process, simply present some student records, then we wait for the school to give us a letter of acceptance, which stipulates the total value, course duration, entry date. Then the student makes the payment and we continue to gather other documents.

Before your arrival, we will go through our pre-departure checklist to ensure you have got all the information necessary for a comfortable arrival and that you are not forgetting anything. A pick-up service is available in a destination where we have an office, if it is organised prior to your arrival. Otherwise, we will organise an airport pick-up service through the school. Our Australian offices will provide ongoing support services throughout your stay and a welcome pack on arrival. For other destinations, Blue Studies International will maintain contact and offer support throughout your stay.

Depends on the country you would like to study in and their rules for international students. Accurate advice will be provided based on your situation in our consultation.

We will support you by identifying your goals and guide you to make a confident decision on an education provider that is aligned with your goals and budget. We will complete and submit your school and visa application. We will maintain correspondence with the education provider and immigration department to ensure this is a stress and hassle free process for you. We will provide resources to enable you to achieve your personal and professional goals so you can live your dream life.

We also provide assistance to you on your arrival and throughout stay in your new environment. If you wish to renew your visa or have a migration query, we can give you the advice to ensure you can make confident decisions based on your education and migration goals.

Blue Studies International Has Helped More Than 5,000 People Study Overseas

International Study Scholarships Available for 2016