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Do you want to LIVE, STUDY & WORK in Australia?

You now have a 1 time only offer to register for a complete consultation to ensure you are taking the right steps in terms of education, legal and immigration requirements for FREE. If you are ready to take your life to the next level and have a lot more opportunities then fill out the information below and you will receive:

– A 1 on 1 consultation call to overcome any doubts and road blocks in reaching your personal and professional goals

– Personalised education plan tailored just for you

– Information on what to do and what not to do in achieving your personal and professional goals

– Options and recommendations through the best education institution alternatives

– Details of the different scholarships that are available specifically for you

This is for:

– International students who are currently in Australia

– Latin American and European international students, as this is the area we specialise in

– International students who are looking to renew their student visa within the next 6 months

– International students who are looking to fast track their progress in achieving their personal goals such as learning to speak English fluently and confidently

– International students who are looking to fast track their progress in achieving their business goals such as having the right job interview communication skills, professional networking skills and mentors to guide them through the right path and save them a lot of time and money!

This is NOT for:

– International students whose visa expires in more than 6 months

– International students who are always in an information gathering mode and not action taking mode. We work with action takers who are passionate and serious about achieving their personal and professional goals.

This is limited to the first 15 people only as our time is limited and the consultations are very popular as students get a lot of value from them.


Yes, we have worked with some of the biggest celebrities from Latin America such as Orlando Berrío, Carlos ‘El Pibe’ Valderrama, Fonseca, J Balvin AND we have also worked with over 3,000 international students just like you!

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