How many hours can a student work?


International students in Australia can legally work up to 40 hours bi-weekly during study time and full time during vacations. However, those who are enrolled on a Higher Degree by Research (HDR)  – studies master or doctoral level not requiring attendance and course work, but only the development of a research-not have a limit on working hours.

Can dependent work? 

The dependent undergraduate students or English courses are also eligible to work 40 hours bi-weekly, while accompanying master or doctoral students have unlimited hours.

Working after graduation


The amount of time a student can work in Australia after graduation (Post-Study Work Visa) depends on the type of course you have completed. From 2013: Graduate of Bachelor andMasters by Coursework  will be granted two years; for Masters by Research , 3 years; and PHD, 4 years. Those who complete a lower level course of Bachelor and want to extend your stay in Australia to work, will aim for a Temporary Skilled Graduate visa, which is granted for 18 months and for which must meet special eligibility criteria:

  • Have completed a program of at least 2 years.
  • Meet a certain level of English.
  • Having less than 50 years.
  • Possess demonstrable skills in one of the occupations that the Australian government considered valid at the time of application. The list can be found here .

How to get a job?


Today student visa includes a work permit for 40 hours biweekly. Arriving in Australia, you must process the TFN (Tax File Number), a special form to be registered as a worker. This number is how the Australian Government controls as concerns taxes and some government affairs.offices or Student Support Services International Students of Universities and Colleges of English provide all the resources to obtain the TFN so you can work legally and regulatory paying taxes, since in this respect the international students are treated as if they were residents. The TFN is acquired for free. An international student earns an average of AUD $ 15 to AUD $ 25 per hour of work. Usually the payment is a fortnightly or weekly, as determined by the employer. It is advisable to open a bank account that is easily obtained by presenting your passport and student card of the institution where you are enrolled. The percentage that the student must pay as taxes depends on your income and the time spent in Australia’s job search depends on each student. However, educational institutions have information about jobs for students. There are also newspapers or websites where you can find job options. No limits, everything depends on the student’s ability and perseverance. Some students find jobs in the same institution or related to your field of study enterprises, which can serve as a professional practice or internship, especially for undergraduate or graduate students. The most common jobs are in bars, restaurants, the library and the laboratory of the institution, or as nannies, cleaners, gardeners, fruit pickers, etc.

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Andrea Palacios

Andrea Palacios

Andrea Palacios arrived in Australia from Colombia in 2001 as an international student. She studied Diploma of Business Marketing before going on to study Bachelor of Business at Swinburne University followed by a graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law at Victoria University. Following the completion of her studies, Andrea went on to start her own company in early 2006 – Blue Studies International, a student recruitment agency assisting students that want to live, study, work in Australia, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand.