Blue Studies International Has Helped More Than 5,000 People Study Overseas

"Emilio & Giselle went to Australia as international students and now they have a growing, successful business!"

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"Jorge and Katherine went to Australia, they made a life changing decision and now they are living their dream in the best city in the world!"

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"Jorge was an English student that reach his goal of working in a company of his industry!"

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"Cielo found her real passion in Australia"

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The Team In Our Australian Offices

At Blue Studies International We Care About Helping You Become Successful

If you want the largest range of study options from a provider that really cares about you, your career and goals – then look no further than Blue Studies International.

With a proven track-record and over 5,000 happy students since 2006 – our team of friendly staff can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

How are we different from the others?

  • Strong focus on you; your personal and professional goals; and a commitment to align you with the right educational pathway to enable you to achieve your dream outcome.
  • Strong partnerships with leading education providers – we work with over 300 providers across Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Peru to give you the best range of study options to support your career goals. We are proud of the education providers we work with and equally as proud of the institutions we choose not to work with to ensure the highest quality and care is provided to our students.
  • 10 Offices In 4 Countries and Growing – with a wealth of local experience to help you get your dream outcome from your study.
  • Australian Support Offices – so when you touch down to study you have somewhere to go and get help, support and local advice.


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